Why are dandelions considered weeds?

Is it because they grow over night?  They grow in the middle of your lawn?  You invite one and the whole extended family moves in?

With all the rain we’ve had our lawn had turned into a serious green shag.  My hubby fired up the mower and began the familiar back and forth pattern.   Despite the many potholes and severe slant to our backyard the lawn looked beautiful.  It beckoned us to come turn cartwheels, walk barefoot and bask in the sunshine.

Today the yard is speckled with yellow and white dandelions.  I knew they would come back as we haven’t done the weed’n’feed yet but I didn’t expect them back so soon.  I really don’t mind the bright yellow flowers.  They bring back memories of childhood.  Do you remember rubbing them on your chin to see if you liked butter?  As a child I even loved the white seeded heads that you could make a wish and blow – scattering seeds to the neighbor’s yards as they cursed you. 

By the way, I don’t advise attempting to blow on one while facing into the wind. 


One response to “Why are dandelions considered weeds?

  • littletiger

    I can remember as a child finding those little puffy plants and wanting to blow the seeds away – and my father coming out, seeing me doing that and rolling his eyes as he muttered about all the work he’d have to do. I didn’t understand then what I understand now – those buggers are really hard to get rid of … LOLLLL

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