Oh Beans…

Tonight Beans and I were sitting on the couch – side by side.  She was holding my hubby’s cell phone and I decided to have some fun with her.  I slid my phone out of my pocket and dialed his phone.  When it rang my hubby told her to go ahead and answer it. 

Beans: “Hello?”

Me: “Hello.”

Daddy: “Who is it?”

Beans: “I don’t know.” and then into the phone “Hello?”

Me: “Hi Beans!”

Beans: to daddy “It’s Grammie!”

We continued a conversation about what she was doing, what she was wearing, where she was sitting and then I asked her to wave to me – that I could see her.

Beans: “ooookay.”  (no waving)

Me: “I didn’t see you… wave again.”

Beans: “ooookay.” (no waving)

Me: “Are you sitting by Mommy?”

Beans: “Yes.”

Me: “What is she doing?”

Beans: “Just sitting there.” (not looking at me)

Me: “I think you should give her a kiss.”

Beans: “oookay.” (no kisses)

Me: “Give your Mommy a kiss!”

Beans: “ok, okay!”

At this point she finally turned to me and when she saw the phone to my ear I said, “Hi Beans, it’s Mommy!”  It only took a few seconds for it to register that she had been talking to me on the phone, “Moooooommy!!  You made a joke!”

I’m kicking myself that I didn’t video the whole thing.


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