His toothbrush is back!

My hubby arrived home safely and he managed to surprise me – not once, but twice!

He called me around 3:30 to let me know that his training was over and he would be heading home.  I was so excited that he finished with the training early and would be home almost two hours earlier than expected.  Yippee! 

At about 4:00 I received a text message from him that said, “Boy I drive fast.”  Uh, ok.  Did that mean he was making good time?  Or that he just got busted for speeding?  Why did he text instead of call?  So I called him to find out what was going on.  Did you figure it out?  I didn’t.  It was his sly way of telling me that he was HOME!  The stinker got out of training around 1:30 and waited to call me until he was almost home.  Totally made my day though!

He brought home gifts for the kids too.  The Boy got a reversible Home Depot ski cap.  Beans got a Pooh bear flashlight.  Little Red got giant princess stickers for her bedroom.  And he surprised me with a gift too!  I’ll just leave you with this secret… it came in a pink striped bag…

It’s so good having him home and having the entire weekend off!  We went to the zoo today.  It’s a very small zoo but the animals are up close.  Plus, they were celebrating Arbor day by giving away free trees!  The kids can’t wait to plant them in the yard.  dkefdkm0mzwks5jueklniwdkkpqa432ytre <– pardon the interuption.  Beans decided that she should be blogging too. 


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