Props to the single parent

I am blessed to have a husband that is a very hands on parent.  He’s the one that gets them off to school in the morning, he attends all of the parent/teacher conferences, he takes them to the doctor, he even deals with their vomit.

My hubby is out of town until Friday night.  That means I have to be mommy AND daddy all week.  It’s only Tuesday and I’m already left wondering how single parents manage to keep their sanity while raising their children.  And I’m also reminded to not take him for granted – he does so much for the kids!

He called last night and is lonesome for homelife.  The kids were complaining at dinner how much they missed him too.  As a giant thank you I think that I should give them, the kids and hubby, un-interupted quality time together.  In fact, I should probably leave the house for the day so that I don’t get in their way.  What do you think?

I’m only kidding.  I would like to plan something fun for us to do as a family though.  Maybe a picnic up at the Roanoke Star and a trip to Mill Mountain Zoo.  First we have to survive until Friday…


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