They're gone already

My parents’ trip out here was great!  They did all sorts of touristy things and shopped at every antique store in the valley.  As I mentioned before they were doing a house swap and the home they stayed in was an old victorian.  My youngest, Beans, had a really hard time understanding that they didn’t move here.  She wanted to know what happened to their big house (the one in Phx) and why didn’t they bring their cats?  By the end of the trip she finally understood what was going on.  Now she wants to know when are we going to Phoenix?!  Yeah, me too kid. In other random news…. my hubby has to do some out of state training next week – ALL week.    I am not looking forward to this at all.   We met at work and worked together (as a married couple) for almost 7 years.  Working in separate places and having different schedules has been a difficult adjustment.  And now they want him to leave for a WHOLE WEEK?!  Sigh.  I don’t like it.  The kids aren’t going to be happy either.  Remember how upset they were with his new schedule? 

If anyone feels like distracting us for a week by showing up on our doorstep….. (providing you aren’t showing up with the intent to scare or harm)  


2 responses to “They're gone already

  • Michele

    EW. Mike will be out of town a few days next week too. That’s always when the washer goes out or the fence falls down and I’m forced to realize that I don’t know how to do anything around here! LOL

  • kungfuchicken

    ACK! Did I jinx myself?! Quick – knock on some wood – I just know that we’ll blow a circuit and I’ll have to go into the dark basement by myself. But more likely everything will go smoothly. Right? Right???

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