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Snails and puppy dog tails…

The Boy:  I get to dig a hole!!!

Chickie:  So?  Going to the store with Dad is better than digging a hole.

The Boy:  Huh-uh!!

Chickie:  What can you do with a hole?

The Boy:  Sit in it.


Why are dandelions considered weeds?

Is it because they grow over night?  They grow in the middle of your lawn?  You invite one and the whole extended family moves in?

With all the rain we’ve had our lawn had turned into a serious green shag.  My hubby fired up the mower and began the familiar back and forth pattern.   Despite the many potholes and severe slant to our backyard the lawn looked beautiful.  It beckoned us to come turn cartwheels, walk barefoot and bask in the sunshine.

Today the yard is speckled with yellow and white dandelions.  I knew they would come back as we haven’t done the weed’n’feed yet but I didn’t expect them back so soon.  I really don’t mind the bright yellow flowers.  They bring back memories of childhood.  Do you remember rubbing them on your chin to see if you liked butter?  As a child I even loved the white seeded heads that you could make a wish and blow – scattering seeds to the neighbor’s yards as they cursed you. 

By the way, I don’t advise attempting to blow on one while facing into the wind. 

My heart is out there walking around

Back during my freshman year of high school my family decided to leave our home church and find another one.  We ended up at a great church that became my home for many years.  Sometime during that year the youth/children’s pastor approached me and asked me if I wanted to help him start up a mid-week children’s program.  Those were the glory days.  I lived for Adventure Club and hanging out with all these amazing (and sometimes annoying) kids.  I was doing what I was created to do.  I loved it!  (I still do)  That first group of kids – maybe 20 on a good night – holds a special place in my heart.  Many of them are still friends – even best friends of mine.  I haven’t kept in touch with all of them but generally hear through the grapevine how they’re doing.

Today I found out that one of them died in a tragic airplane accident.  He left behind a wife and unborn child.

I use words to try to express my shock, my grief, my unbelief but none of them come close to describing how hard it is to believe he’s gone.  He was one of them that I didn’t stay in close contact with but, in general, I knew what he was up to.  His dad was my dentist in Arizona.  One of his sisters was my age.  My heart aches for his parents.  They’re going to bed tonight – if they can even sleep – without their son safely in this world.  I’ve heard it said that having children is like having your heart walking around outside of your body – unprotected.  And their heart is broken. 

I think of the wife and unborn baby.  I don’t know her.  I can’t imagine the pain.  I pray for comfort and peace that surpasses all understanding.  But I know that first she will experience the pain and grief and anger and denial. 

This tragedy makes me evaluate the relationships that I have… do they know where they will spend eternity?  Would I see them again if they (or I) left this earth?   It’s a reminder that we aren’t promised tomorrow – or the next hour.  We need to make the most of each moment – we need to tell those that we love that we love them – love them enough to make sure that they know where they’re headed. 

Please pray for this family.  Hug your loved ones extra tight.

Where is this lamb you speak of?

Never have I experienced a season as volatile as Spring.  It’s a violent struggle between Summer asserting her dominance over Winter while he desperately holds on with his slipping icy grasp.  Think about it.  Summer is monotonous in its relentless heat.  Fall emerges when Summer dies out and Winter quietly takes over.  Winter is peaceful – occassionaly broken by the fury of snow.  But Spring.  Ah, Spring has a temper.  Winter is not yet ready to let go of his frozen tundra as Summer sees what she wants and declares it for herself.  It is a battle that is drawn out day after day.  Once, what was belonging to Winter, now becomes slave to Summer only to return to Winter the next day.  Beautiful flowers glow in the sunshine and die overnight in the frost.  Huddled in the trees songbirds and mischievous squirrels hide from the cold rain until Summer brings a short lived reprieve.  Back and forth the days toss from the memory of Winter to the new reign of Summer.  Until, finally, one day Winter loses his tenuous grasp and Summer, in full glory, takes what is rightfully hers. 

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words… together… sentence…

Survived lock-in.  Yes, I stayed.  Must get slzzzzzzzzz…..

Oh Beans…

Tonight Beans and I were sitting on the couch – side by side.  She was holding my hubby’s cell phone and I decided to have some fun with her.  I slid my phone out of my pocket and dialed his phone.  When it rang my hubby told her to go ahead and answer it. 

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On your marks… get set…

This week is all about GO – GO – GO!  Where do I sign up to get an energy transplant?  I think my energy level peaked somewhere in high school and has been on a steady decline since.  I read a friend’s blog and am contantly amazed by her ability to GO GO GO all day long – day after day.  I am just not built that way.  But as a parent sometimes you just have to buck up and do the best you can.

This Friday we have a kids event that we are attending with several other families from our church.  It looks like it’s going to be a lot of crazy fun.  The kids are super exciting and I’m looking forward to having a high energy event that I don’t have to lead!!  After we get back from that event we’re having a lock-in at the church for the kids.  It was a last minute decision based on everyone’s schedules.  I’m not sure if my kids will be staying all night or not.  They really have to get some sleep and I’m not sure that they will if they stay all night.  I know I’m not staying!!  I’ve already filled my punch card and done my time.  The next day my son has a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s.  (hence the need for sleep)  Right now I’m really looking forward to Saturday night.  I want to be able to look back at all the craziness and say “boy that was fun, i’m glad it’s over.”  But for now I need to batton down the hatches and hang on for dear life because here we gooooooo…