How's this for optimistic?

I’m on an amazing new diet… it’s called “having a sore throat”.  Sure, the side effects are painful but it’s really effective in cutting down the amount of food I eat.

It started Friday night with a scratchy throat.  I woke up Saturday with every inch of my body aching.  My skin hurt, I was nauseous, my head was pounding and my throat was on fire.  My hubby had to work but luckily my parents were still in town so they took the kids for most of the day and let me sleep.

Sunday morning the aching had stopped but my throat went from fire to lava.  It hurt to talk and my kids thought it was hilarious that I was whispering.  I had already tried three different throat remedies and nothing was helping.  My parents came over in the afternoon and my dad offered to go find me something that would work – although it might taste nasty he warned.  Ever notice that when you’re in pain you’ll do anything to make it stop?  By the evening I was able to talk again.  I was bummed that I missed out on the last two days my parents were here.  But I am grateful that they were here to enjoy the kids and let me rest!!

Today I’m back down to fire in the throat.  The mornings are the worst.  Because of the pain my body refuses to swallow while I’m sleeping which leads to a lot of drool (ew!) and a very dry throat come morning.  I’m sure a humidifier would help. 

I wonder if you can put the throat numbing spray into the humidifier??


4 responses to “How's this for optimistic?

  • zanne

    i hope you’re feeling better! ’cause i have to tell you–if you were my kid… i’d suspect strep!

  • Alyssa

    YUCK! That’s no fun at all! Have you ruled out strep?

    Ideas from a voice person on the whole throat thing:
    1. If you take something that numbs your throat, DO NOT TALK OR WHISPER AT ALL!!!! You can damage your throat seriously. I would hate to see that….

    2. Try Throat Coat tea. It’s got slippery elm in it, which is wonderful. Add a little honey to improve the taste.

    3. Honey and lemon can help, although it could be a bit much if the throat is that severe.

    4. Steam is your best friend. Any way you can get it, do. My favorite is the good old hot water pot with a towel over it.

    Hope this helps. I had to take a whole class in throat care at the conservatory, so this is mostly how I use it now, being as I’m not exactly a famous opera singer. 🙂

  • kungfuchicken

    Thanks for the tips!! I’m busting out the pot of hot water!

    So far there are no white spots on my throat… it’s just bright red. I don’t have a fever either. My mom suspected that maybe I have a sinus infection which is causing the sore throat. I didn’t think so because I’m not congested nor do I have any sinus pain. (WARNING: THIS GETS GROSS) Today, however, I do feel drainage down my throat so I think mother knows best. I’m taking some meds that have worked really well in the past for my sinuses and we’ll see if that helps.

    p.s. Doesn’t everybody know the famous opera singer Lady Dork Robot?!

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