Let the good times roll

My parents arrived safely – just a bit late.  There was some nasty weather they had to fly through in their tiny little plane.  Who knew they’d get a free carnival ride too?

The house they’re staying in is an old Victorian.  The owner split it into a duplex and he lives in the upstairs.  He’s an art collector and has a huge collection of art and sculptures.  My favorite ones are from various tribes in Africa.  The downstairs – where my parents are – is still pretty traditional in style.  Last summer he had the backyard scuplted to reflect a Japanese garden.  It’s so beautiful!  He gave us a tour of the upstairs and it is MODERN.  Neon lights…. Marilyn Monroe art deco rugs…. skeletons…. huge tribal masks…. security mirrors as art pieces…. Just not what you expect when the house is a Victorian!

We haven’t done a whole lot with my parents yet.  We did hit up a few junk shops looking for treasure.  And lots of grocery shopping.  I think we’ve gone to the grocery store every. single. day.  I’d rather go once and then enjoy my week but they seem to enjoy the little trips every day.  To each their own I suppose. 

Hope you all have a Happy Easter!


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