Tomorrow, tomorrow it's only a day away

My parents are due to arrive tomorrow afternoon.  (note the plural there… it’s my dad’s first trip out)   I’ve been busy cleaning and preparing for their visit.  I found them a person that was willing to swap houses for the week so they will not be staying at my house.  I think that’s better for everyone all the way around. 

The kids’ excitement has turned into whining.  I can’t wait to share that love with my parents.  Of course by then the cranky whining will be over and it will turn into pleading whining.  “Pleeeeeeease can I have gum?” or “Pleeeeeeease can we have a sleepover?” <—- that one will come from my parents too!!

I’m excited to see them and show them the various home projects we’ve done.  Since my dad has never been here it will be fun to show him around town too.  And, of course, they’re both excited to visit our church.  It’s going to be a busy week and a half.


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