*Updated* Savings, savings, savings

It’s check in time!  I signed up for The Grocery Game a little over a week ago and have had two shopping trips.  Let’s see if the cost of TGG is worth it…

*** Updated to include Krogers and CVS savings!!

Last week I went shopping to Krogers and Food Lion. 

Total value: $72.07
Total spent: $54.58
Saved: $17.49

Food Lion:
Total value: $54.58 (I just realized that’s how much I spent at Krogers – weird!)
Total spent: $35.32
Saved: $19.38

Overall I spent $89.78 and saved $36.87 last week!!  After my trial period of 4 weeks @ $1.00, TGG will be $20 (3 stores) for 8 weeks.  My savings in one week almost paid for 16 weeks of TGG.  WOW!

This week I’ve only been to Food Lion.  I still need to hit up Krogers and CVS*.  Here’s where I’m at so far.

Food Lion:
Total value: $73.34
Total spent: $37.63
Saved: $35.71

**** UPDATED ****

Total value: $158.66
Total spent: $82.43
Saved: $76.23

Total value: $66.32
Total spent: $44.65
Saved: $21.67
ECB Earned: $12.49  (this is CVS cash I can use on our next trip)
Total saved: $34.16

Clipping coupons, TGG… worth it??  I think so!!  TGG is all about stockpiling on the good deals.  You need a pantry or a closet and a chest freezer would be a good idea.  Several of my friends live in apartments and the thought of stockpiling might make you run for cover.  But consider the possibilities…  Paper goods can be stored on a patio or outdoor storage closet, check for hidden space under beds and in the tops of closets and finally – a chest freezer!  I’ve seen quite a few on Freecycle and even some on Craigslist.  Buy a small, cheap one and stick it in the corner of your living room or dining room.  Cover it with a pretty tablecloth and throw a framed picture and some candles on top.  The savings are worth it!

*Krogers and CVS are on the list for tomorrow so check back and I’ll update this post with the savings from those stores.
**If you do decide to try TheGroceryGame would you please use me as your referral?  Just use my email addy: andi (at) theguzzos (dot) com.
****UPDATED:  So far this week we’ve spent $164.71 on groceries, toiletries and paper goods.  It looks like we’re spending just as much as we were before until you  look at the amount of goods purchased.  We’re bringing home 3x-4x more.  This is part of our stockpiling.  For example, at CVS I was able to purchase shampoo and conditioner at $.99 each.  I bought four big bottles which will hold the kids over for quite a few months and will elimate having to buy it at full price when we run out in a month.   One of the other really good deals I got was 8 cans of Lysol air freshner for only $.70 each.  The only thing I’ll need to buy for the kids’ lunches is bread – the rest we have stockpiled for a few months.  As we get more coupons in our stash and get a good balance in our stockpile I expect our weekly cost to go down.


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