Before and After

A few years ago my hubby and I bought a new office chair at Ikea.  Nothing fancy, just a black fabric office chair.  A week after we brought it home our daughter spilled glitter lotion on the seat of the chair.  It was never the same after that.

I recently was inspired by a post on this blog to do something about that chair. 

First I had to find new fabric.  I love shopping for fabric.  It’s like scrapbook paper but bigger!  There’s a fabric store next to the post office that my hubby and I wanted to check out.  This was the perfect opportunity.  I do think that the heavens opened just a crack when we walked in the door.  There were even angels singing…  Oh I jest but the store is glorious.  It’s like the ones you see on the design shows and wish you had one near you.  Bolts and bolts and more bolts of fabric filled each room – yes, room – I believe the store was once a grand old brick home. 

The first bolt I looked at ended up being the one we bought but not until I’d searched every room and every rack.  Not only was it the perfect color it was the perfect fabric.  It’s actually outdoor fabric which is perfect for a chair that sees a lot of our bottoms, the kids’ bottoms and the cats too!

Here’s the before shot… note the seat cushion… it’s not faded – it’s cat hair!  EW!

And now, for the best part, the after shot…

I love it!  It came out perfectly.  I’m looking around my house wondering what I can re-cover now!  I love taking old stuff and re-staining and re-covering it and creating something beautiful out of something old.  There’s a “junk” shop at the end of my street and I’m really tempted to go find a treasure that I can work on and then re-sell.  Hmmm, that’s a good idea…


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