Setting up for success

I am determined to become more frugal when it comes to grocery shopping.  My biggest stumbling blocks were trying to match up coupons to sales and then how to cook with whatever I managed to buy on sale.

I’ve nailed them both!!!

After scouring the web I have found half a dozen sites on frugal living.  Some I think I’ll keep and some I’ll end up dumping but for now I’m learning a lot of tips and tricks.  I’ve also found some podcasts – while amateur in production – they’re full of good tips.  One of those tips led me to .   Wow.  Basically the site keeps track of store sales, mfg coupons and sales trends for participating stores in your area.  Based on that data it compiles a list every Sunday of items to stockpile – some are free, most are highly discounted.  Because I’m just starting out I don’t have all of the coupons from week’s past but there’s still plenty of deals to be had while I’m catching up.  BTW – if you check out the site and decide to sign up, please do me a favor and use me as your referral.  Just use my guzzo email account, thanks!

Now that I’m easily able to get the best deals on food the only roadblock is meal planning around those deals.  I know of several good recipe websites but I usually end up missing a ton of ingredients.  Today I found . Talk about easy!!!  Just start entering all of the food items you have and recipes titles start listing to the side.  Not only does it list the recipe title it includes a list of items you’re missing so it’s quick and easy to scroll through.  Plus, there’s a word box prompting you, “Do you also have….” with a list of items that I suspect are generated by the items you’re missing in the recipes. 

All I have to do now is print my sale list from and look at to see which meals I can cook straight up or see if I need to add any additional items to my shopping list.  This Sunday will be my first crack and I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.


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