Virginia is a tease…

I’m sitting here watching snowflakes blow into my (green) yard.  My poor AZ blood has just about had enough of the cold.  Please tell me it’s going to get warm again SOON.

 My kids pointed out some white birds in the parking lot the other day.  
“Mommy, what are those birds?” 
I looked, squinted, did a double take… 
“Um, they appear to be seagulls.” 
We have seagulls, no beach and snow.   What?! 


2 responses to “Virginia is a tease…

  • littletiger

    Hey Andi – here’s another tease – it’s about 80 degrees out right now and I’m in shorts with the house wide open!!! LOLLLL! So do you really miss Arizona? There’s a sure-fire way to fix that – move back! Love ya!

  • kungfuchicken

    And who is going to be laughing in another month when it’s 100+ degrees there and in the 70’s here? LOL! But for the record, this month – I do miss the AZ weather. And the AZ friends!!

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