27 Fling Boogie

Yeah, that’s right – it’s a shout out to FlyLady.com!  Can I get a w00t, w00t??

I keep forgetting how much I like the ideas and concepts that she has but I hate the 10,000 emails.  I didn’t sign up this time around.  I think I remember enough of her ideas to go at it on my own.  In fact, I did a 27 Fling Boogie but it was more like 27 x 27!  The living space in the basement is DONE!  It’s uncluttered, cleaned up, vacuumed and organized.  (and my kitchen sink is sparkling clean, ha ha.)

We also sat down and made our meal plan for the week – INCLUDING hunting down coupons.  The plan is to eat dinner first so we aren’t shopping hungry and then go hit up the stores tonight.  The stores should be pretty empty since it’s a Saturday night.  We’re out of some basic cleaning supplies and paper goods.  Hopefully the coupons will help balance out our total this week. 

One of the other tips we’re working on is to open an ING savings account.  We’re not good about saving up for the random bills – car tags, heating oil, subscriptions etc… and this will be a good way to set aside that money.  Plus, one of our friends, with an ING account, was gracious enough to send us a referral so we’ll get a sign-up bonus of $25.  Who can pass up FREE money?!  Score!


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