Food for thought… or cooking

After mortgage/rent what’s your highest bill?  For us it’s our grocery bill.  (anywhere between $500-$800 a month – YIKES!) Feeding a family of five isn’t cheap.  Or at least that’s what I used to think.

I recently rediscovered a blog that was hiding in my favorites list.  The author has a family of SIX and she feeds them on $50-$60 a week.  At first I thought they were chowing down on rice and water but I was mistaken.  She’s the queen of coupons! 

When it comes to grocery shopping we’re pretty lazy.  We pop into our local mega warehouse store and load up our cart.  The one or two things that are missing are quickly picked up at the local market – sans coupons.  I’m realizing that we could be saving so much money if we’d clip coupons and actually watch for sales.

The other half of the problem is meal planning.  We have cut down on our spending by actually planning out most of our meals and sticking to the list when shopping.  Not only has it cut out impulse buying at the store, it’s cut down on hitting up the restaurants. 

Now if only I could get the two plans to merge….  If I plan my meals around my coupons we’d be eating cranberry sauce, mustard, eggos and two-ply toilet paper.  And if I look for coupons around my meal plan… we’d save a whopping $.50.  I think there has to be a balance in there.  Stocking up on sale items – items that are pretty basic to a lot of meals – and planning meals that only require buying a few ingredients at full price (if at all).  That’s my goal.  Hopefully by blogging about it I’ll be held accountable AND y’all will share tips and tricks for shopping and meal planning.


3 responses to “Food for thought… or cooking

  • Dan

    Where’s the link love? Can your faithful readers actually get a link to said blog please?


  • Alyssa

    I would be a bad Dave Ramsey person if I didn’t ask… Do you use cash envelopes for your grocery budget? It’s helped us so much!

  • kungfuchicken

    No, we don’t. The problem isn’t that we don’t have (or stick to) a food budget. It’s that we need to find a way to shave it down and still buy enough food for all of us each week. Thanks for the tip though – using cash is always a smart move to remain conscious of your spending!

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