Where's the snooze button?

I am so tired today.  I think it’s a combination of crying puppies and an oncoming cold.  Oh the puppies!  They are so cute, and cuddley, and kissey, and uncoordinated, and whiney… oh my goodness…  what crybabies!  It’s getting better – thank goodness – but there’s still the middle-of-the-night crying. 

Somehow I managed to catch someones cold.  With four sick people in the house it’s anyone’s guess as to who shared the love with me.  At the first sign of the sniffles I used to run out and stock up on Zicam nasal swabs.  Then I read about people losing their sense of smell.  That would be handy when your child forgets to flush the toilet after a particular stinky episode…  Or cleaning up after stinky puppy butts.  I, in general, enjoy my sense of smell.  And I know what you’re thinking… “what are the odds it would happen to you?”  I don’t know.  But it happened to my dad and I’m not taking chances.  I have yet to find anything that works as well as the Zicam did.  Boo. 

It doesn’t help that it’s rainy out and all I want to do is curl up in bed.  Maybe with a good book.  And some coffee.  Or tea, I’m not picky.  But I have work due today and I have church tonight. 

Maybe there’s time for a quick nap…


3 responses to “Where's the snooze button?

  • zanne

    i too was TOTALLY frustrated by the whole zicam thing. until i found out it’s just the versions that you put into your nose–swabs, gel, spray. the chewables and rapid-melts don’t cause that problem! they’re kind of yucky–but still, they work. it’s still up for debate whether swallowing the chewables would work as well–and i don’t think so, but still.

    better than no sense of smell, for sure.


  • kungfuchicken

    I tried the kind that you mix into a drink. It’s supposed to not have any flavor. Right… like vomit doesn’t have a flavor. It was really gross – I didn’t even swallow the first sip. I’ll have to try the chewables and see if they’re as bad.

  • jaime

    the rapid melt ones are gross but its worth it to not get sick.

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