This too shall pass

My nights of sleeping alone are over!!!  I am so glad that this season of our lives is over.  I can’t believe we survived a year of my hubby working night shifts.  It was a blessing that he had a steady schedule and that -while not optimal- it was a schedule that worked with our family.  He was able to see the kids off to school and to have dinner with us and tuck the kids into bed before heading off to work.

For the next two months his schedule will be 3pm – midnight.  Gone are the sleepy Saturday afternoons and the elbow pokes during church!  Gone are the nights of hogging the entire king sized bed – at least for half of the night! 

The only downside is that he will not see the older kids much during the week.  He’ll be able to see them off to school but that’s it for the week.  We’re praying that God will protect our weekends together as a family. 

After these two months it gets crazy.  In order to continue working full time he’ll have to submit to the random weekly scheduling.  I’m really hoping that he can get a general schedule that only varies slightly week to week.  The good news is that he will be department head of plumbing.  I’m sure there’s all sorts of good jokes wrapped up in his new title!!


One response to “This too shall pass

  • littletiger

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You have a husband at home at night again … that’s wonderful – and congrats to hubby about the new manager position!

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