Our three hundred pounds of doorbell…

Valentine’s came early at our house.  We got our puppies!!!!!

I’d like to introduce you to the two newest members of our family….


******** Maximus & Mini ********
Yeah, I know, the names aren’t a famous couple.  We had a really hard time picking out their names – there were a lot of really good suggestions.  We hit upon Max & Mini and the names just fit.


Aren’t they just the cutest?!


Max is already the brute.  He has huge paws and stocky legs.  His unusual coat is called Merlequin.  (not a show color) He’s all about playing, barking, exploring and tackling the children.  Mini loves to play and to steal toys from her brother.  She’s also the one that loves to cuddle.  She has big paws too so she’ll be tall – just not as stout as her brother.

I just lov’em!


One response to “Our three hundred pounds of doorbell…

  • littletiger

    Oh Andi – they are so cute – I wish I could cuddle them! The coat on Max is amazing – I’ve never seen anything like it, and Mini looks like she’s so adorable! Enjoy your new family members!

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