Is it really a doctor's office…

… if they don’t have any doctors??

The kids are sick and I called in to the doctor’s office to make them appointments.  They didn’t have any doctors in today.  What??  No doctors?  That’s a new one.  They gave me the number for another office nearby.  Everybody else that called in before me must have called the other office already because the soonest they could get my kids in was March.  They were kind enough to let me speak to a triage nurse who did agree that the kids needed to be seen and that I shouldn’t try to wait it out.

We bundled them up and hauled them to the urgent care.  It took a little while but it was worth the wait.  The Boy has strep and Beans* has the early symptoms.  They said if Chickie started to show signs that I could call in and they’d get me a prescription for her too.  Meanwhile my hubby is coughing and sounding all sexy with his Vin Diesel voice.  Too bad the germs are keeping me away!

*They thought Beans might have the flu and so they did a nasal swab.  Did you know they could test for the flu??  I must live under a rock because I had no idea.  I also did not know that there is medication that will shorten the length and severity of the flu.  And to think I suffered through a full strength/full length flu last year.  Sheesh.


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