Around the world in 1 day

I had the best trip and I have the aches and pains to prove it!  I really wish that one of us would’ve worn a pedometer because I seriously think we walked a couple hundred miles.  

My friends picked me up from the airport and we headed straight for the beach.  Okay, there was a quick caffeine stop first.  It was a quick tossup between the east or west coast beaches.   West won.  We spent the afteroon at Clearwater beach and despite looming clouds the weather was great.  I managed to fill up my memory card on my camera.  I think I may have had the resolution set a little high but still… that was 263 pictures!  At one beach.  Of 3 people.  And lots and lots of feet.  I was able to download the pics on my friend’s computer so that I could take pictures the next day.

My friend’s cousin and his wife went with us to Epcot.  They’re season pass holders and were our personal tour guides for the day.  So awesome!  I’ve said it a million times already but the company was great, perfect weather, good food and fun times.  My favorite country by a landslide was Morocco.  I loved the colors, the decorations, the atmosphere…  didn’t get to taste any food though – unless licking rose water off my wrist counts… 

Surprisingly I really liked Japan too.  I didn’t think I would but it was cool to see China and then Japan – I was able to better see the differences between the two countries.  While China is low on my list, Japan is not.  The architecture was beautiful and the drumming – wow!  Amazing.  Norway was fun, as always.  I guess my Norwegian blood comes out a bit.  France was pretty too.  We watched a cool movie about the land and I was amazed to see the diversity.  Canada was fun too, eh?.  Although I think the only stuff we really saw was the gift shop and the totem pole.  And a rockin’ band with bag pipes.  (Never thought I’d enjoy the bagpipes) 

All around it was a great trip.  I’d love to go back with my family.  Epcot has some really cool stuff for kids and for adults (like hidden Mickeys). 


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