I am so excited – dude, what is that noise?

I’ve had enough of this cold.  I’m going to Florida!  Figures that it was actually really nice out today.

One of my bestest girlfriends from AZ arrived in Florida last week for a conference.  Since the conference was near her birthday she decided to extend her stay, fly out her hubby, visit family and celebrate her birthday by going to Epcot Center.  During her planning stage she asked me if I would consider flying down and celebrating with her.  Hmmm, let me just think on that…. uh, YES! 

I believe the plan for tomorrow is to pick me up from the airport and hit the beach.  I am a beach person and I cannot tell you how long it’s been since I’ve had the luxury of kickin’ back on the coast.  Thursday will be Epcot Center.  I went there during the summer before my freshman year of high school.  My dad was working for a FL company at the time and my parents decided to make one of his frequent trips a family vacation – including my best friend at the time.  We spent an entire day at Epcot.  I had a migraine almost the entire day.  I hated it.  Needless to say, I’m super excited about going back as an adult (without the headache) and seeing the world with my best friend!  Friday I fly back home.  Short trip but it should be a blast!


Do you hear that?  That chewing sound??  That distinct chewing sound that only rodents make?

Our kitchen was remodeled at some point and was expanded about 300% of the original size.  I love our large kitchen.  There’s room for our huge table and then some.  The add-on has a crawl space underneath that was inaccessible when we made an offer on the house.  As part of the deal we asked the owner to put in an access door.  No problem.  My hubby took a quick peek in the crawl space and announced we would need to insulate the floor.  It was summer.  Too hot. 

Now it’s winter and the floor is ice cold.  I frequently use the little throw rug by the sink as a sort of giant slipper to scoot around the kitchen.  I end up looking like Tim Conway’s character on the Carol Burnett show – the one that shuffles around.  Anyway.  We’ve finally gotten around to buying some insulation.  A couple of weekends ago my hubby climbed into the crawl space to clear out a bunch of junk.  This is SO the reason why I married a boy.  There is no amount of money that could make me crawl in there.  He cleared out everything and is ready to put in the first roll of insulation. 

As I’m sitting here typing I can hear chewing.  Rodent chewing.  There are two a/c vents in the floor on the far side of the kitchen.  The chewing can be clearly heard through the vents.  I can hear it over my MP3 player.  Yeah.  I’m telling myself it’s only a cute little squirrel that’s just trying to stay warm on a chilly night. 

It’s not a R.O.U.S., it’s not a R.O.U.S., it’s not a R.O.U.S. …


2 responses to “I am so excited – dude, what is that noise?

  • Rachel

    Wow! The trip to Florida sounds devine!! Epcot and the beach. I couldn’t have planned a better trip if I tried!
    ROUSs! I love it. I have often blamed something scary on them. Absolutely one of the best movies of all time.

  • Kat

    Wow! You guys have all the adventures. haha R.O.U.S.s sound like sooo much fun. Um… no… no thank you. Tell your kitties they’re slacking, and they need to pick it up a bit. 😉

    Hope you had a good time in FLa. Looking forward to hearing all about it!! 😀

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