Bathroom update and suprises

Yea!  We have the vanity installed and the bathroom already looks 100 times better!  We still need to put up the mirror and get the new outlet installed.  My hubby started on the outlet today by drilling a hole through the drywall.  And he drilled.  And he drilled.  And he…. you get the picture.  There were FIVE layers of drywall, which made for a 2 1/2 inch thick wall in the bathroom.  I have no idea why Otis felt the need to have such thick walls…

Here’s the bathroom with the new vanity installed:
There’s still an octopus trashcan… it’s just hiding.

Not only did we work on the bathroom we also took a trip to North Carolina.  Why, you ask? 
For this:

Yea!!!  Great Dane puppies!!!!  They’re only four weeks old so they aren’t ready to leave mom just yet…. not until Valentine’s Day (aaaaaww).  We’re getting two of them and I am SO excited!  The one above is a male and we’re also getting a black female.  We spent the drive home brainstorming names.  We’d like to find names that go together.  Something like Jughead & Betty or Meathead & Gloria (that one is our favorite so far) or Samson & Delilah or ???  Brainstorm with us and leave your suggestions in the comments.

Here are a couple more pics:


9 responses to “Bathroom update and suprises

  • Dan

    As I can’t seem to get Star Wars off the brain:
    Han and Leia

    Or …

    Antony and Cleopatra
    Victoria and Albert
    Arthur and Guinevere
    Mickey and Minnie
    Napoleon and Josephine
    Popeye and Olive Oil
    Alice and the Mad Hatter

    or …

    Batman and Robin?

  • kungfuchicken

    I like Napoleon and Josephine. Napoleon is funny because, well, he was short and Danes are big – ha ha. but it also makes me think of neopolitan ice cream which is three flavors and the Dane we picked out has three colors.

  • littletiger

    How about:
    Adam and Eve
    Rhett and Scarlet
    Lucy and Desi
    Ozzy and Harriet
    Pebbles and Bambam
    Elvis and Priscilla
    Roy and Dale
    Gomez and Morticia
    Harold and Maude
    Herman and Lily
    Donald and Daisy
    Lancelot and Guenivere
    June and Ward (hey it’s the Beev)
    Dagwood and Blondie
    Romeo and Juliet
    Fred and Wilma
    George and Gracie

    My favorite is Pebbles and Bambam

    Can’t wait to hear what they get named

  • Rachel

    My favorites are Gomez and Morticia (Caramia!) and Romeo and Juliet. Of course my daughter’s middle name is Juliet.
    btw, thanks for keeping the octopus trashcan. heehee.

  • kungfuchicken

    Oh my goodness, so many good ones! It’s going to be hard to pick. My hubby brought home a list of names from the guys at work. They came up with Tarzan and Jane <– too bad the male isn’t a brindle.

  • Rachel

    I forgot to mention.. I love the vanity! It’s beautiful.

  • Michele

    The vanity is gorgeous but the puppies! Oh the puppies!
    So so sweet.
    I love Gomez and Morticia! That would be hilarious!

  • Matthew

    I love all the name suggestions… being a fan of well, I guess, old music, how about Johnny and June (Cash).

    Bathroom looks FAB!!!

    Have fun in FL


  • Kat

    YOU”RE GETTING A DOG?! *gasp* Um… can we bring Aesop to play? He’s going to be about as big as a great dane. lol Such cute pups, Andi! How fun!

    So, my personal favorite for a pair of dogs has always been Charles and Diana. (Ok, you know me… you know there’s a joke coming, right??) Yeah, cause then when you play with the dogs you can say: “Up chuck and die.” hahahaha haha ha *ahem* Yeah… I’ve thought that was funny for years, but it’s ok… I’m used to being the only one. 😉

    How about:

    Pinkie and Brain? 😀
    Herman and Lily
    Bonnie and Clyde
    Sonny and Cher
    Lucy and Ricky (hahaha)
    Ginger and Fred
    Popeye and Olive Oyl
    Hansel and Gretel

    Really, so far, I’m loving Gomez and Mortitia. That rocks!!

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