Is it noon yet?

I am sitting here watching the clock and waiting for noon.  I have to let my hubby get some sleep because I need him this afternoon.

We’re redoing the bathroom!

This is the first step of our bathroom renovation.  Today we’re getting the new vanity, sink and faucet.  Not that there is anything wrong with the old one – as long as you don’t mind the dripped paint in the sink.  Apparently the last owner found it too difficult to wipe up the spilled paint before it hardened into cement.  The old vanity is square – most are.  But the one corner has this nasty habit of jumping out and banging into your hip when you’re innocently trying to walk into the cozy bathroom.  (You like my realtor lingo there?  Cozy = cramped)  Oh, did I mention that the vanity and sink are not attached to the wall?  The sink moves all around – especially when it’s jumping out at people.

The new vanity – oh she is pretty.  The base is more of a skinny rectangle with the round bowl protruding out.  Ha!  No corners there!  It’s also about 6 inches wider than what we have now.  Which will go great with the newish mirror.  We’re going to rip out the tiny mirrorer medicine cabinet and hang a mirror that’s currently just hanging around our bedroom not doing much.

Depending on how far our gift cards stretch there might even be paint involved this weekend!  As I mentioned before, the previous owner did paint – if you want to call slopping on paint thick enough that it crackled and buckled.  We currently have faux alligator textured walls.  Part of me is really tempted to paint alligators on the walls but since this is a shared bathroom…. 

The previous owner – I really need to give him a name.  I think Otis will work.  Otis painted the bathroom and then replaced the light fixture which has a completely different footprint.  Do you think he went back and repainted around the fixture?  Oh, no no.  And Otis, honey, you installed the new light fixture upside down.  It blinds everyone that tries to look into the teeny tiny mirror.

All of this is just step one.  We still have dreams of ripping out the shower, tiling and replacing the shower fixtures.  It takes a skilled person to turn on/off the hot water in our shower without the handle flying off.  There’s even the possibility of expanding the size of the bathroom.  Providing we can steal the pantry from the kitchen of course.

Don’t even get me started on the kitchen renovations….  I love being a home owner and I love doing home projects.  I’m just lucky I have a hubby that is handy!

Here’s a before shot for ya: 


3 responses to “Is it noon yet?

  • littletiger

    Hey chica – you’ll have to post a picture of the bathroom when it’s re-done – Steve actually spent a bit re-arranging and hanging pictures and stuff in our bedroom this afternoon too. Gotta love having handy men!

  • Rachel

    Don’t lose the octopus trash can! I love it.

  • Kat

    I love the new vanity. Otis would be proud. 😉 I’m all about corners that don’t snag your hips. Finished bath looks beautiful. Ya’ll (aka Alan?) did a great job!

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