Macho Man

I woke up this morning only to hear my son whimpering in his bedroom.  Before too long my husband came into the bedroom and asked me to help remove a splinter from my son’s big toe.  I found the Boy curled up on a chair hugging his foot to his chest. 

“Not the sharp thing Mom, please not the sharp thing!”

I agreed to save the needle as a last resort.  The splinter was on the pad of his big toe and it was really shoved in deep.  If I got any where near it the Boy would scream and jerk his foot and generally act like I was electrocuting him.  He gets points for at least letting me try to get the splinter out.  Even if it was like trying to get a hook out of a lively fish.

He couldn’t walk on it and I couldn’t get it out.  The only option at that point was to take him to the doctor’s office.  I called in only to find out there was only one doctor on duty and the schedule was full.  Off to the urgent care!  I stayed home with the sleeping Beans while my hubby took the Boy.

I wish now that I would’ve gone instead because I would’ve thought to take pictures of what happened.  Sorry internet, you’ll just have to use your imagination.

They lucked out and there was no one in the waiting room.  They were quickly escorted to a room where the doctor got to work removing the splinter.  I had thought that they would numb his toe but my hubby said that they didn’t do that. 

“What??  They didn’t numb it first?  Did you have to hold him down?”

“No, the Boy was too busy staring at the doctor and playing it cool.”

Yeah, my six year old son got a hot, young doctor.  He leaned back, put his arms behind his head and just stared at her while calmly saying “Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.”  And she had to really dig to get it out too.

Ah, the power of beauty…


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