I'm in love

Yesterday was a day of two firsts for me.  And they both ended happily.

I have low energy.  Which is probably just a pc way to say that I’m physically lazy.  Sometime during college I lost that spunk – that crazy energy I used to have.  I’ve never been one to exersize.  (shudder)  There was a brief period after my second child that I regularly did aerobics with a friend of mine.  Mostly because that friend would pick me up and haul my butt to the community center.  Other than that….  no thanks.  

Since my third child I’ve noticed that my body didn’t magically bounce back.  (duh)  And my metabolism isn’t exactly up to par these days either.  Which leaves me with no choice but to accept my body the way it is or to get off my lazy butt and exersize.  (shudder)  We signed up for the Y for multiple reasons but one of them being that my hubby and I could actually work out together – something we’ve never done before.  On Monday we bundled up and headed over to the Y for an afternoon of swimming (the kids) and working out (the parents).  Believe it or not I didn’t die.  My hubby worked as my trainer and helped me figure out which machines I should use to torture my body.  In fact, I kind of enjoyed it.  Aw, heck, it was fun.

My second first (you didn’t forget there were two did you?) was that I tried B&J’s Cherry Garcia and fell in love.  I am such the vanilla/meat and potatoes person when it comes to food.  My idea of exciting ice cream is vanilla with chocolate chunks.  It seems as though the grocery stores don’t agree with me though.  It’s not easy to find a good chocolate chip ice cream.  Anyway.  I was contemplating my choices – vanilla or um….  well, Cherry Garcia has chunks of chocolate and well, I suppose I could handle the cherries.  By my second bite I knew I had found a new favorite.

Yes, I realize that eating ice cream after working out kind of negates the work out.  Shush up.


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