Beware the appliances…

We have a rogue burner on our stove.  Personally, I think the stove has been feeling a little resentful since we got the microwave.

Awhile back I was cooking some starch (pasta, potatoes, I don’t know – something that required a big pot) on the back burner of our stove.  I saw a few tendrils of smoke curl up from around the bottom of the pot but I wasn’t concerned.  I figured there was something that had spilled on the burner and it was burning off.  A few minutes later I could smell whatever it was that was burning off.  I turned around and saw that the tendrils had turned into some serious smoke.  I had to reach behind the pot to turn off the burner.  (Uh, Mr. Stove Designer… what were you thinking?!)  Then, when I whipped the pot off the burner flames shot up!  Thank God my son started Cub Scouts!  Just a week prior they had a fire safety drill – including making their own fire extinguisher.  He insisted we keep it by the stove and am I ever glad we did.  The fire went out in a hurry, leaving behind lots of black smoke.

Even though we’ve cleaned the burner and cleaned the little tray thing under it I’m still wary of using that burner.  This morning my hubby put on a saucepan of sugar water to boil.  Sure enough… small, innocent tendrils of smoke…  He switched burners.

Oh the story doesn’t end there folks.  He did switch burners.  And then promptly forgot that he put it on to boil.  We were in the living room when this sweet smell wafted in…  He bolted for the kitchen but it was too late.  Sugar water was all over the burner filling our home with the cloying scent of 100 sugar cookie scented candles.  I now understand why one of my friends hates sweet scented candles.  Ug!  The kids came running down the hall wanting to know who was making s’mores.  The smell is everywhere and just when I think I’ve gotten used to it I get another whiff.

I’m down to two burners and it’s only a matter of time before the rogue burners convert the other two. 


2 responses to “Beware the appliances…

  • littletiger

    I had the same problem with a stove at my last apartment – and I forgot and left eggs boiling – boiled the pan dry and believe teflon smells awful when it’s been burned dry. Good luck with the burners – hope they don’t convert the last two. – LOLLLLL!

  • zanne

    in our house in phoenix, we had a stove that went rogue. since it was electric, at first it started randomly shocking us from the oven handle. its most significant act of rebellion involved a cookie sheet and the back left burner. i had set the cookie sheet down, and as i did so, out of the burner came a sizzling spark the size of my finger. it shocked me, and after my hand stopped buzzing, we realized that it had put a 1/4-inch hole right through the cookie sheet. i still have the cookie sheet–and luckily, the hand.

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