Open wide…

This past week I’ve taken all three kids to the dentist.  It had been awhile since their last visit.  Ok, ok it’s been a long while – and it was Beans’ first visit.  The appointments yielded some amusing comments from the kiddos.

“Hey, I’m still sick.”  (apparently the dentist didn’t clear up her stuffy nose)
“They took pictures of my cheeks.”
“You have to bite hard.” (uh-oh!)
“Hey ‘brother’ the green stuff tastes yucky.”

The Boy:
“Did you know they put sharp things in your mouth?!”
“I had to spit in a tube!!  They don’t even have a sink!” (I wish I had a picture of his face as he told me this last comment.)

Unfortunately The Boy has a cavity in one of his permanent molars.  We’re going back on Friday to get it filled.  They use nitrous oxide on the kids to keep them calm while they’re doing the drilling.  I’m wondering if they’ll let me watch from one of the observation rooms.  It could get interesting…


2 responses to “Open wide…

  • Matthew

    after more than a decade, i finally saw a dentist last month… i had never had a cavity all of my growing-up years but, as you might imagine, this time I had SEVEN!!! On Saturday morning, 12/08 I had 5 cavities filled and then this last Saturday morning, 12/15, I had the other 2 filled… oh what fun!

  • kungfuchicken

    I hear you on that one. I ended up with 4 or 5 cavities and one of them ended up being a root canal! I never got the last cavity filled because I was afraid it would end up being a root canal too. Oh yeah, ignore it… it’ll get better all on its own… sigh.

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