Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Did I mention that we don’t have any heat at our house?  We don’t have a fireplace or wood burning stove either.  Want to guess what this morning brought?  Mmm hmm.  Snow. 

For kids born and raised in Arizona this was a huge deal.  The closest they’d ever been to snow was a pile of it dumped in Phoenix by someone who’d been up north with a pickup truck.  They’ve never actually played in snow – let alone see it falling from the sky.  They have been asking when it was going to snow.  It’s kind of like washing your car and then it rains the next day.  Just run out of a heat source – it’ll snow!


“Hey Beans, what does snow taste like?”
“Tastes like ice.”
I think she feels like she’s been tricked.  All this “snow” that her siblings have been begging for is nothing but boring old ice.


Didn’t stop her from accessorizing so she could stay outside and play in it!


One response to “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

  • Rachel

    Wow, look at that, it’s snowing! How deep is it now? Is that space heater getting a workout? We haven’t turned our heater on yet, granted it’s not freezing either. We’re hoping you get heat soon!!

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