Is it chilly? I hadn't noticed.

The sleepover was a smashing success.  Both girls are still talking about it.

And I’m still finding items left behind.


What’s the equivalent to not having air-conditioning during the summer in Arizona?  Why, it’s not having heat during the winter in Virginia!

We’re living in an older home that uses oil and a gianormous furnace to heat the house.  We have a large oil tank in our basement and the only method to measure the oil level is to knock on the tank and guess how full – or empty – it is.  Problem is our tank is walled in so we can’t even knock on it.  We did the only thing we could think of.  We cranked up the thermostat and enjoyed the heat for as long as the oil lasted. 

Notice that’s past tense.  Last-ED.  It ran out.  We can now almost see our breath indoors.  My hubby made some calls and our best deal is $309 for 100 gallons (the minimum delivery).  Not too bad until you realize that *might* last a month.  Add in the cost of electricty to burn that oil….  Not such a cheap heat source. 

We’re running around the house bundled up tighter than an Eskimo.  Meals are planned around foods that require the oven.  Chores are done according to which room has the space heater at the moment.  Fleece has become our best friend.  The heated towel rack given to us in Arizona has now come in handy to warm up the kids’ clothes in the morning.

The hubby has lined up appointments for the rest of the week with various companies to get quotes on a new a/c unit WITH a heat pump! 

All I care about is “when can you install it?”


2 responses to “Is it chilly? I hadn't noticed.

  • Rachel

    This is terrible! Let us know when the solution presents itself. what’s the temp?

  • Michele

    Oh can I relate to this. I mean, we have natural gas heating but it’s crazy expensive where we live. It’s been dipping down into the 20s at night and I still haven’t turned on the heater. I keep joking that I’ll turn it on Christmas morning. A gift of sorts. HA.

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