Monthly Archives: December 2007

The hour draws near

We’re oh so close to walking out the door!  We’re heading to Greensboro to spend the night and we’ll catch our flight bright and early tomorrow morning.  I can hardly believe that the time has finally come. 

To all my Phoenix friends…  see you SOON!!


T – 2 days

Here are a few things that I’m looking forward to (in no particular order)…

  • seeing my family
  • checking out my niece’s new condo
  • driving my other niece’s new car
  • hanging out with my friends
  • being in worship with my church family
  • giving presents
  • surprising my friend with an awesome present
  • getting my back cracked
  • setting up a long term saving plan
  • meeting baby McKenna for the first time
  • seeing my friend’s pregnant belly
  • meeting my new boss
  • my hubby not having to work for a week and a half
  • hearing my friend preach
  • warmer weather
  • watching my kids getting excited about seeing friends and family

Open wide…

This past week I’ve taken all three kids to the dentist.  It had been awhile since their last visit.  Ok, ok it’s been a long while – and it was Beans’ first visit.  The appointments yielded some amusing comments from the kiddos.

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I Jesu navn…

I’m sitting here listening to my daughter memorize a Norwegian table prayer.  Isn’t that what your kids do every Christmas?

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Pavlov should've used cats

We have two cats, a brother and sister.  Neither my husband nor I grew up with cats.  In fact, we’re more what you would consider “dog people”.  But we have kids…. and those kids batted their eyelashes and said “pretty please” and now we have two cats.

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Murphy called….

I’m so glad we paid an arm and a leg for oil heat. 

It was 71 degrees today.

Next time Murphy calls I’m hanging up on him.

The heavens parted and the light shined down

We have heat!  I can almost hear the angels singing!

Major kudos to my dad for suggesting our long-term solution.  He said we should call the gas company and find out if we could get a line to the house.  We did – and we can!  Now we can have a gas pack installed which is cheaper and more efficient than a heat pump.  Rah-rah!  In the mean time we called the oil company.  Luckily we’re close to their home office and they had a truck swing by to deliver the oil before closing for the weekend.  Hallelujah!