9-1-1 on speed dial

I did it.  I stood in my basement… in the dark, with a flashlight, and stared at the electrical panel.

But I was not alone.

No, we didn’t blow another fuse.  Alan was installing a new circuit breaker for our *new dishwasher.  I’ll admit that I was a little nervous.  Not about the creepy crawlies hanging over my head in the dark – but about watching my hubby get electricuted.  There was no reason to be worried.  He doesn’t have a track record of botching home projects.  But still… it was electricity he was messing with. 

I am so thankful that I married a man that understands things like circuits, nail guns, lawnmowers, fuel lines, brakes, and roof shingles.  I love that I can dream about new bedroom shelves and he can build them out of leftover (aka FREE) wood.  Or that I can wish for a dishwasher in a dishwasher-less kitchen and he knows how to properly install one.  I think I’ll keep this guy!

*by “new” I mean that it’s been sitting in our kitchen since the middle of August with the lovely blue protective plastic still on the front of it.


4 responses to “9-1-1 on speed dial

  • littletiger

    I have to admit – I love having a handy man around the house – Steve does all of our wiring too and it’s great that we can get things done and not have to hire anyone to do it. Congrats on the new dishwasher!

  • Matthew

    HUZZAH! Dishwashers RULE!!!

    btw, I’m that kinda guy, too!!!

    someone’s gonna be very lucky someday



  • coffeesoup

    Ah, lucky girl. Mike tries really hard but he’s no handy man. He DID manage to install our new dishwasher a couple years ago without killing himself or breaking anything, but I think that was only because I prayed really hard while he was doing it. ha!

  • Rachel

    Alan Rocks!!
    Enjoy your new dishwasher!!

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