Not so traditional

This was our very first Thanksgiving on our own.  It was our chance to start new traditions and carry on old traditions.  We could make the foods we craved and forget to make the ones that made us cringe.  We could watch the big parade or play football in the backyard.

So what did we do?

We lazed around in our jammies while the kids played in the backyard with their friends.  I spent a couple of hours on the phone with various family and friends that called.  And the big meal?  While Alan napped I made chicken parmesan and green bean casserole (our one tribute to the traditional meal) for us.  The kids opted for mac ‘n’ cheese.  Woo-hoo, go us!

Fear not all you traditionalists.  We had a church potluck on Tuesday and we all filled up on our favorite Thanksgiving dishes! 

To continue on with our very un-traditional holiday we decided to venture out on Black Friday.  We scored some good deals on shoes, clothes and a 24″ t.v. for our bedroom.  This evening I even put up our Christmas decorations.  Yes, you read that correctly.  It’s taken me YEARS to get into the full spirit of Christmas.  I hated decorating and I hated the music even more.  (I still detest the latter for the most part.)  It was actually a trip to the dollar store a few years ago that convinced me that decorating could be FUN! 

We have our mini tree all lit up in the front window.  I’m waiting for the cats to discover all the dangling sparkely trinkets.  The only thing that I haven’t done is hang the stockings.  Before Beans came along I made four stockings.  We cheated the last couple of years and just bought a cheap generic stocking for her to use.  I can’t decide if I should attempt a fifth stocking or if I should go ahead and buy five new ones.  I also have three stockings that my friend made out of baby jeans.  They’re too small to put much in but they’re so cute!


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