It's official – he's human

My son has always had abnormally large tonsils.  When he was a toddler he would snore so loud that there wasn’t a spot in the house that you couldn’t hear him.  The snoring would occassionally stop for a few moments before resuming the loud sawing.  We learned that was sleep apnea.  About the time his doctor asked us to start charting his breathing (or non-breathing at is were) he stopped doing it.  In fact, his snoring tapered off and only became occassional – much to the relief of his older sister who shared his room.

His tonsils have remained huge.  I don’t know how the kid can breath or swallow anything but somehow he does.

He’s had a lingering cough for almost 5 weeks.  No fever, no sore throat, no gagging.  Just a cough.  The other day he was showing me his loose tooth when I looked beyond his teeth and noticed his golf ball sized tonsil.  I exagerate.  It was more like the size of one of those large purple grapes.  I couldn’t even see down his throat.

I took him to the doctor yesterday to have her check it out.  As I suspected would happen, the nurse came in with one of those really long Q-tips and my gag reflect kicked in.  I loved her approach, “This isn’t going to feel very good but I have to touch the back of your throat with this.  Humans have a gag reflect so if you gag then we’ll know you’re human.  Okay?”  He was more than happy to open up and find out if he was indeed from another planet or just another human.

No strep, no fever, no nothin’.  The doctor suspects his tonsils are enlarged because they’re fighting off the infection that caused the cough.  If he suddenly gets a fever, the dreaded white spots or the snoring starts up again we’re supposed to bring him back in.  Until then, he’s only human.


One response to “It's official – he's human

  • littletiger

    well it’s good to know you have a human child … LOLLLL!! I wonder if the rest of them are? I must not be human – cuz I have almost no gag reflex … oh well – I guess I’ve always known I’m a bit different. LOLLL

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