We're soooo fancy…

… that I washed dishes by candlelight.

Oh, alright.  I blew a fuse.  My hubby was at Cubscouts with my son and I admit it…. I have no idea how to flip the breaker.  And even if I did know how – I don’t know which one it is.  And even if I did know which one – you couldn’t pay me to go into that part of the basement in the dark all by myself.  *shiver*

Normally when the lights go out you reach for a flashlight.  My kids love them some flashlight fun.  So of course our mag-light has a broken bulb and the other flashlights have dead batteries.  That left me with candles.  Scented candles.  It smelled like I was wearing a cotton shirt on a tropical beach eating strawberries dipped in vanilla.  Mmmmm.  Nothing like scent overload!

The hubby got home and rescued us from the dark.  Our house was built in the 1950’s and I don’t think the wiring was ever updated.  With only two exceptions the entire upstairs is on one breaker.  One.  The fridge is on its own and the porch light is on its own.  And the rest of the house gets to share one breaker.  We’re constantly popping the circuit breaker.  Especially with kids that like to leave every. single. light. on.

Washing dishes by candlelight… I hope I got them clean.  Perhaps we’ll eat by candlelight too.


2 responses to “We're soooo fancy…

  • littletiger

    That’s funny – we ate by candlelight tonight – but it was by choice! You’re going to have to ask Alan which breaker to flip so you know next time – oh wait – you won’t go into that part of the basement anyway – oh well!!!

  • coffeesoup

    ha! I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who has to resort to scented candles in an electricity crisis.

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