4 years

Dear Beans,

Happy Birthday my little Bean!  I can’t believe you’re FOUR already.  Any last traces of babyhood are far gone and the last bit of toddlerhood has faded.  You’re now 100% Little Girl.


You are so much fun to be with.  We get to spend all day together – just you and me.  You are so good about entertaining yourself when I have work to do.  But there are times that you demand my attention and affection.  You’ll find me at my computer and come over and put your head on my arm.  If that doesn’t work you’ll hug my arm.  And if that doesn’t work you’ll climb into my lap and snuggle.  That always works! 

When you do play by yourself you like to play with Play-Doh, Little People and Polly Pockets.  You also love watching Dragon Tales – just like your sister when she was this age.  When you watch t.v. you’re very physical.  No t.v. zombie.  You hang upside down off of the couch or lay on the back or arms of the couch.  You also love to draw – unfortunately you don’t limit your artwork to paper… walls, furniture and skin have all been decorated by you.  You’re happy to curl up on your own with a stack of books but you prefer someone to read them to you.


If I ask you “Where are my kisses?” you throw your arms up and tell me that they’re in your pitties.  When I ask for them back you pucker up your fish lips and give me a loud smack.  I hope my kisses stay in your pitties for years to come. 

You have a crazy sense of humor.  You’re always saying the most random things and you love to laugh at the simplest things.  Knock-knock jokes are your favorite but you only know one so you tell it over and over again.
Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Orange who?
Orange banana! 
That’s your version and it always makes you laugh.


You waffle between wanting to do everything yourself and wanting me or Daddy to do it for you.  I’m amazed at the things you attempt to do.  You approach new feats with bravery and confidence.  I pray that stays with you.  Just last night when you were trick or treating at a neighbor’s house you showed just how brave you can be.  The neighbors had a creepy animated statue that held the bowl of candy.  When it started moving and talking your brother and sister ran away screaming.  You stayed put and hollered after them, “Hey Kids come back here!”


I love that you call your brother and sister “the kids”.  If you’re asking about just one of them you’ll use their name but if you’re talking about both of them they become “the kids”.  You have your own vocabulary that’s evolved since you first started babbling.  When you first started talking on the phone you sounded chinese.  Now when you talk on the phone most people can understand you. 


You have become a fashionista – taking great interest in your clothing and hair.  There are rules when dressing you.  Any bottoms you wear must not touch your button.  You’ll wear jumpers but not overalls.  You don’t mind mismatched clothes or getting clothes dirty but nothing can be too tight or too loose.  You like to wear your hair down most of the time.  Sometimes you’ll bring me a brush and a handful of hair ties and clips. 

Bathtime is still your favorite.  Washing your hair isn’t the battle it once was.  You hated getting water in your eyes but you don’t care about that as much.  Now it’s water in your ears that freaks you out.  Out of habit you still call it “taking a ba” even though you can say bath.


Someday you’ll be embarrassed by this but you love to pick your nose.  We’re always hearing “I need a tich-chew.  I have a boogie.”  I’m so glad you ask for a tissue!  I just wish you’d ask for it before you go digging!  You’re also a fanatic hand washer.  I never have to remind you to wash your hands after the bathroom or mining for boogies.

There is so much about your year as a three-year-old that I am going to miss.  I am looking forward to this next year and seeing what it will bring.  You are such a blessing to our lives little Beans!  My prayer for you today is that you continue to be confident, that you explore the world around you, that hugs and kisses will flow freely, always for safety, and that you remain my little Beans for just a bit longer.


I love you!


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