Sunny day… sweepin the clouds away…

Let me tell you, we’ve just been having so much fun the last couple of days!  Nothing says I love you like bailing water together.

The rain has stopped but not before we found the leak and the source of the water.  There’s a downspout at the back corner of our house.  It was dumping all of the water right at the corner of our foundation.  Once we put on an extender the leaking stopped.  We pulled off quite a bit of paneling and peeled back the carpet and found rotted wood, cracks and lots of creepy crawlies.  My awesome hubby ripped off all the wood, scraped out all the gunk and sprayed insecticide.  Today he’ll be patching the cracks and I’ll continue cleaning the carpet. 

There’s a small stream on the other side of the basement – in the unfinished portion.  It’s gotten a few boxes wet and we’ll need to tackle that today too.  We haven’t found the source of this leak yet.  The water is coming in from a crawlspace.  Guess who’s not about to crawl in there?!  I will gladly be indebted to my hubby as long as he’s the one willing to wiggle around under the house.  Blech!


One response to “Sunny day… sweepin the clouds away…

  • littletiger

    Boy I hope you are able to discover the source of the second leak – good luck – and like you – I’d rather have my hubby crawl into dirty, small (possibly wiggly creature-infested) spaces.

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