Woot, woot

I have *Officially* been unofficially offered the job!  Basically they extended an invitation to the position and this Sunday they will announce the proposal to the congregation with a meet ‘n’ greet Sunday evening.  The following Sunday the members of the church will vote and then it will be Official.

God’s been doing some awesome things.  (When isn’t He?!)  I spoke with the new Director at the company that I work for remotely.  He was excited to hear what I’ve been working on and wants me to continue working on various projects for them and if I want to increase my hours I will be able to do that.  Without this job I wouldn’t be able to afford to accept the position at the church.  And, the pay I’ll receive from the church will be enough for Beans to enroll in preschool.  It’s awesome to see how God has worked this out.

Even though I have worked in children’s ministry since 1988, in various roles, this one will be a first.  I have a solid background to pull from but I still have plenty to learn and lots of room to grow.  I appreciate all the prayers and support of my friends and family – thank you! 


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