Interview, interview, interview

I started to write about my lack of interview experience and in the midst of typing I realized that I have actually been through more interviews than I initially remembered.  Huh, how ’bout that.

My first job was at Walgreens drugstore.  The store manager is my dad’s friend and the job was offered without an interview.  I used to babysit the guy’s kids so I guess he figured if he trusted me with his kids he could trust me with his store. 

My next job was at a company that manufactured point-of-sale terminals (credit card swiping machines) and I got that job because my mom worked there.  Again, no formal interview.  I did go in for an interview but it was pretty much just a tour of the building and a job offer.  I stayed at that company for 11 years – working in a few different departments.

I did go on one interview while at the previous job.  It was for an outside sales position.  I would have been a horrible salesperson and I only interviewed because my best friend worked for them and I wanted to work with her.  I think that company pretty much buckled and died after a couple of years.

When I finally left my job I did it to stay home with my kids.  Gee – no interview there either.  Although I think there are some parents that maybe should’ve been interviewed before being allowed to raise any children.  After deciding to return to the workforce I went on a couple of interviews.  The first one being at the company I had left.  I was offered an ideal position with them but turned it down.  The pay and the hours were awesome but I knew the person I’d be reporting to didn’t really like me and did some pretty nasty stuff behind my back.  The last thing I wanted was to have her as my boss.  The second interview was for a company looking for a contract employee to design a database for them.  I was gung-ho for that job but they finally realized they didn’t have the resources for it.  I just remembered that I had interviewed with them before for a different position and turned it down.  Wow – totally forgot about that.

I interviewed for a teacher’s aid position and worked there for 7 months.  The hours were great and I still miss those kids but unfortunately my hubby’s real estate business was matching the market – downhill – and my job wasn’t paying the bills.  Back to the corporate grind. 

When I was interviewed at the next company it was by co-workers.  The supervisor was late to the interview and pretty much just listened in on the end of the interview.  That company was a good match.  The work was challenging and fast paced.  The company does outside manufacturing for the aerospace industry and I worked as a buyer.  It didn’t take long to make a name for myself there and so when I let them know that we were moving out of state they were more than happy to let me work remotely for them on some of their customer projects.

I found out yesterday that they are losing one of their buyers.  My supervisor sent me an email and said they are still lamenting losing me and would I consider (at least temporarily) stepping in and filling the buyer role.  And last night I completed the personnel committee interview for the job here.  Without putting it into exact words they pretty much let me know they were going to be offering me the job this week.  Wow.  This gives me quite a bit to process.


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