Nothing much

My kids are so loving and willing to share.  That lovely cough that’s been making the rounds?  Yeah, they ever so thoughtfully shared it with me.  Just in time for my second interview tonight.

How awkward would it be to introduce myself with rubber gloves?  I mean, it is for their protection.  I’m meeting with the personnel committee tonight.  During the day my cough isn’t that bad.  It rears its ugly head at night.  And what time is this interview?  Oh, 7 p.m.  I’m banking on that to be too early to be prone to coughing fits.

Enough whining.

This weekend was relaxing.  As in – we did absolutely nothing – no home renovation work, no laundry, no cleaning.  And now I’m looking around my house saying we look like slobs and someone really ought to pick up around here.  Where is that maid when I need her?!

I did manage to watch two late night movies.  (I know!  All that lazing around AND two movies!)  The first one was Bend It Like Beckham.  I’d heard of it but never knew anything about it.  Neela from ER is the main star – which is what caught my attention in the previews.  It’s a good flick.  Totally worth watching in the middle of the night.  The other movie was Saved! with Mandy Moore.  All I can say is WHAT????  The beginning is so cheesey.  It takes place in a Christian highschool and the movie pokes fun of the holy rollers at the school.  I went to a Christian highschool and I was totally laughing at the beginning of this movie.  It’s the last scene of the movie that had me rolling my eyes:  it’s in a hospital room after the main highschool girl gives birth to her baby that she managed to conceal until the week before she was due.  So it’s the girl, her baby, her new boyfriend who is the skateboarding-for-Jesus Pastor’s son, her ex-boyfriend who is gay, his gay boyfriend, her widowed mom who is dating the Pastor who has just admitted he’s separated from his wife but not divorced, her best friend who is the bad girl Jewish rebel who is dating the guy in the wheelchair (Macauley Culkin – Mandy Moore’s twin brother).  Yeah.  I don’t know why this movie wasn’t a blockbuster!

As I’m typing all of this I heard my husband drag out a bucket and the hose.  He is outside washing either the truck or his red car.  Or likely, both.  Did I mention that it’s completely grey and cloudy out?  I know we’re from Arizona where it can get grey and cloudy and not a drop of rain falls from the sky.  But not here.  If it’s grey and there are clouds then there is going to be rain.  I think he’s just antsy.  He’s been wanting to wash the cars and so by-golly he’s gonna do it!  I wonder if I took the dishes outside if he’d wash those, too?     


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