It's a good hair day

It’s amazing how having a good hair day can affect your day.  It makes me think of those Orbit gum commercials where the people get all dirty but they still have pearly white teeth.  Anything can go wrong – it’s okay, I have good hair!  Bring it on – I am invincible today!

I started writing this blog this morning but had to save it as a draft when my friend called to chat.  After that my day just got going and I didn’t get back to this until now.  Despite our best efforts our kids insist on growing up – quite literally.  It’s getting chilly here and we’ve dug out the “winter is coming” clothes only to discover that everyone’s ankles are showing.  There’s a great 2nd hand kids’ store here so we stopped by to see what they had.  There was one in Phx that we used to go to but it always seemed like they were out of in-season clothes.  Not here.  There was a nice selection of pants available for the girls.  A slightly smaller selection for the Boy.  We managed to find everyone a couple of pairs of pants.  (see?  Good hair day works!)

We decided to hit up the local buffet that we’d been hearing so much about.  All we heard – was true.  Good food, good service, good price!  The kids were so happy to be able to pick out exactly what they wanted.  Both girls decided to give brussel sprouts a try, which surprised me a little, but they both wrinkled up their noses with the first bite.  (Sorry Chicken.)  Other than that they all ate to bursting point.  I’m still not sure where the Boy put it all.  I should check his pants pockets.

After we got home we spread out the feather bed on the floor and popped in a family movie.  We bought Veggie Tales Jonah at the 2nd had store for only $4.50 – woot, woot!  Now I have “In the Belly of the Whale” stuck in my head.  It’s on the Veggie’s Rock CD – which if you don’t have it – you should.  It’s Veggie music for adults.  Ok, maybe it’s for children at heart that are pretending to be adults.  Whatever.  It’s still good fun music that you can blast in the car with the kids.  (although you may want to skip the Skillet song at the end)  Good Hair day still rockin’!

Now it’s time to round up the kids and get them into bed.  We’ll see how the Good Hair day holds up to that. 


4 responses to “It's a good hair day

  • coffeesoup

    AH! So THAT is what’s wrong with my life? I have BAD hair!

  • Rachel

    We have the Veggie Tales Jonah too! My kids love it when the van is rolling down the hill and they roll through a clothes-line and he yells “Underwear!”
    It’s the only veggie tales movie we have and it is exactly true to the story. Are all the veggie tales movies so exactly true to the story?

  • Rachel

    Maybe this website will work better..

  • littletiger

    Hey – I have to admit that days that I’m having good hair are the best days – and now my hair is garnet colored – I changed it and boy does it fit my personality – I’ll send you a picture soon … tho you’ll get to see it in December when you are back – I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

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