Ze Beans

She is sick.  It’s all her brother’s fault – he started it!

He had a round of nighttime coughing and now he’s gone and shared it with his sister.  Unfortunately she’s not handling it as well as her brother.  She gags and chokes and spews.  (sorry but it’s true)  And I lay in bed, wide awake, listening to her and willing her to be okay, to settle down and fall back asleep. 

It seemed to be worse tonight and I had already given her the max dose of cough syrup.  (I have to say, whatever brand we bought smells really yummy)  I was close to pre-panic mode.  I didn’t want to lie awake all night and yet I wasn’t sure what to do.  Think, think, think….  After changing her pillow case (see symptoms above) it dawned on me that perhaps a 2nd pillow would help.  We’re seriously lacking in the pillow department here.  Pillow nazi says one pillow per family member.  Finally found one and propped her up a bit.  Also gave her a few squirts of nasal saline solution.  Haven’t heard a peep – or cough – from her since.  (which made me check on her no less than 4 times to make sure she’s still breathing)

Sweet relief!  Not just relief as in I’ll hopefully get some sleep tonight.  But relief as in: Yea Mom!  You did something that worked to help your kiddo!  There are times that I can’t believe how helpless and vulnerable I feel as a parent.

In other, completely unrelated, news….  The Boy lost his 2nd tooth on Wednesday.  He can no longer torture me with all his wiggling and twisting.  It fell out at school and the nurse gave him a cute little tooth box to put it in.  He was so proud when he got home – grinning ear to ear.  Ten minutes after he finished his homework he passed out on the couch.  Must have been exhausting work losing a tooth.  He woke up long enough to get into his bed sans tooth.  By the way, his nocturnal activities are as entertaining as ever.  He tried getting into his bed by just laying his head on it.  After I encouraged him to actually put his body into the bed he climbed up and put his head on the pillow…. his body, on the other hand, decided it should be crammed up against the headboard – upside down if you will.  Took him a few tries to figure out that wasn’t going to work and a bit of coaching to get him to lay down on the bed the right way.  I didn’t think it would be fair to slip his toothfairy money under his pillow when he wouldn’t get to experience the anticipation of putting the tooth there first.  Tonight he remembered and I’ve already swapped him four quarters for his little tooth.

Between the Boy and Chickie I have four teeth.  It grosses me out to keep them.  And it just seems wrong to throw them away.  My mom saved all of mine in her jewelry box.  She tried to give them to me one time but I gave her a big NO THANKS.  So what in the world do you do with teeth?!   I’d love to hear what ya’ll have done with your kids’ teeth or what your parents did with yours.


2 responses to “Ze Beans

  • littletiger

    I think my parents threw all of them away as soon as they got them – or at least after I lost the first couple … of course I was the first born so they kept a couple of things for a bit and then threw them away – the one that got me – when I was five – I had long hair and mom made me get it cut off (too much hassle having to comb it every morning) but she kept the braid – and I have it now – I don’t know why I’m keeping it – and it seems a bit weird to have my hair from when I was five – but oh well!

  • Patricia

    Ok. We put them in zip loc baggies, with date and what tooth on them. Right now they live in Sean’s underwear drawer as the girls would totally get into my jewelry box. But as for Sean’s drawer.. they stay way clear of daddy’s boxers … 🙂

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