The *official* Bean Dictionary

Here it is…. the *official* Bean Dictionary.  I apologize that I do not have audio pronounciations but this dictionary should still be a handy reference when attempting a conversation with Beans on the phone.

Tucanut: (two-ca-nut) a reference to any and all nuts.  I love tucanuts!

Raisins: (rey-zinz) contrary to popular belief this is not actual raisins (which she doesn’t like) but rather Craisins; the dried cranberries.  I love raisins!

Feeful: (fee-full) beautiful.  I’m so feeful!

Yup: (yup) agreeance with whatever you’re saying because she either doesn’t understand what you’re saying or she’s not really listening to you.  Do you want to eat bugs?  Yup!

Woovie: (woo-vee) anything on DVD.  I want to watch another woovie.

Moatmeal: (moht-meel) oatmeal.  Please I can have more moatmeal?

Mouse House: (mous hous) a reference to anything to do with Mickey Mouse.  I have Mouse House on my shirt.

Wanna talk to… : (wha-ha tawk too) she’s telling you she’s done talking to you and would like to pass the phone to someone else – even if you’re mid-sentence.  Wanna talk to my mom?

Garden: (gahr-dn) either the back or front  yard.  I want to play in the garden.

Kids: (kidz) referencing her brother and sister – never by name.  Where are the kids?  Are they in the garden?

Gina: (jahy-nuh) her vagina.  Nobody look at my gina!   
*She declares this almost every time she gets out of the bathtub as she’s covering up her gina running down the hallway.  She loves to run around topless but her gina has to be covered up.  She’s nothing but modest.

Bob Bob Pants: (bob bob pants) a yellow sponge with an annoying laugh.  I wanna watch Bob Bob Pants.

A-Marrow: (a mawr-oh) a reference to tomorrow.  or yesterday.  take your best guess.  I have moatmeal a-marrow.

Kool-Aid: (kool eyd) any beverage that is not milk or water.  I can have some Kool-Aid.

I Ya You: (ahy ya yu) i love you.  outdated but still cute.  I ya you Mommy.


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