But I hardly had any fun

Chickie came home from school today with a flyer for a Harvest Festival at her school tonight.  Wait a minute, I thought I saw something about that.  Isn’t that next week?  What do you mean this is next week?! 

At least we didn’t have to plan dinner! 

I love Harvest Festivals.  Fall is my favorite season.  The weather is cooling off and the leaves are changing colors to brilliant reds, oranges and yellows.  (for all you arizonans – i’m sorry)  Pumpkin scents come from coffee, breads and even ice-cream.  Needless to say, I was just as excited as the kids for this festival tonight. 

First came homework though.  I’m a stickler like that.  The kids were a bit too excited to focus properly on their work so it was taking longer than normal.  It didn’t help that Chickie kept calling out “Ten minutes!  Ten minutes before it starts!”  and then “Three!  Three more minutes!”  and then finally “Moooooooooom it already started; we have to go!”  It frustrated her to no end that the reason we hadn’t left yet was because she was still doing her homework.  (And teachers!  What’s up with assigning a boatload of homework when you know there’s a school festival?!)

It only took an extra 45 minutes to finish up homework, find shoes, locate jackets (again, sorry arizonans), visit the bathroom and get loaded into the car.  As we circled the parking lot looking for a spot to park the kids spotted the police cars and firetrucks in the field.  They were there to raise awareness and promote safety.  Both of the older kids recognized one of the officers from a previous school visit.  “Look Mom it’s Officer Harrison!”  “I can’t belive it’s Officer Harrison!”  “We know Officer Harrison!”  So what do you suppose Beans did?  She got out of the car and yelled out “Hey Harrison!”  I tried to blend in with the cars.

I realize that I had a high expectation of a Harvest Festival and I understand that the ways of Virginia are different than those of Arizona.  But, but, but….  The extent of the festival was a popcorn ball “cake” walk, popcorn, pizza and a silent auction which included a plethora of gift certificates, a few gift baskets from moms promoting their home businesses and there was a slew of 2nd hand items.  As in used.  As in one of the vases had dead flies at the bottom.  The school had asked for items to be auctioned off and the school is in a very poor neighborhood.  I’m glad that people pitched in.  But really, couldn’t you take 3 seconds and rinse out the vase first?  There were many items that had very low bids and many more that didn’t have any bids at all.  I bid on two items and I’m pretty sure I’ll get them since I’m such the high bidder – woo-hoo!  What made me sad is that the school did this festival to raise money for a new playground for the kids.  The one they have now looks like it’s from the 50’s. 

We walked around the auction for a bit.  Chickie signed in to get her free homework pass.  Beans was the only one willing to play the popcorn ball “cake” walk.  We did discover that The Boy has a girlfriend of sorts.  She followed us around everywhere we went.  I was a little worried when we headed to the parking lot and she followed because I already have three kids – I don’t need another one! 

We came home with a pizza and plenty of popcorn but apparently I missed the memo about bringing home the sulky attitude.  Poor Chickie hardly had any fun at all.  Yeah, me neither kiddo.  Not even one pumpkin or cornstalk to be seen.  And all I got was this pouting kid!   


One response to “But I hardly had any fun

  • littletiger

    It still sounded like fun – you were all out as a family! Tell Chickie when I was a kid – my school never had anything like a harvest festival – as a matter of fact – we never had any kind of festival. So she’s a step ahead of all of us older folks. Can’t tell you how much I miss you all – give Chickie, The Boy and Beans a BIG hug for me!

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