I got robbed this morning

Don’t you just hate when you wake up before your alarm goes off?  My kids woke me up a half hour before my alarm was due.  On Sunday mornings we could probably use the extra half hour to get ready but this morning I really resented being woken up early.  I snuggled down under the covers and willed myself to fall back asleep.  But the more I thought about it the more selfish I became.  I work hard as a mom; I’m quiet when they’re sleeping; I deserve the extra sleep!

I can really work myself into a pity party at times.  Now don’t get me wrong, I do think it’s okay to grab that Me-Time and recharge my batteries but I need to watch the attitude of my heart.  God has really been working on that lately – the attitude of my heart – in all areas of my life.  In some areas I feel He is saying “good job” and then there are other areas He’s kickin’ my butt.

I’ve whined plenty that we haven’t found a home church yet.  There’s one that we’ve attended a couple of times, Preston Oaks, and even submitted my resume to (sidenote: interview is on Monday!!) but it hasn’t clicked as home because the worship isn’t the same, the style isn’t the same, the atmosphere isn’t the same.  (want some cheese with that)  God gently pointed out that worship isn’t about me. 

This morning we decided to go check out another church, Fellowship Community.  In the darkest recess of my heart I was justifiying it by telling myself it could be my last chance to attend a contemporary service.  God has a wonderful and sometimes biting sense of humor.  The pastor this morning was speaking on character and one of the things he brought up was that many times when people are ‘church shopping’ they have a grocery list; What’s the kids’ program like?  What do they offer for young adults or women’s ministry?  Is the music good?  etc…  Not that it isn’t ok to ask those types of questions but he continued on by saying that rarely does anyone have on their list: How and where can I serve at this church?  Because, golly gee, worship is not about me.   


One response to “I got robbed this morning

  • littletiger

    Boy, isn’t it fun when God takes a 2 X 4 to your head – he did it to me … I’ll be blogging it soon. Have fun learning the lessons He’s teaching.

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