Let them eat cake….

Chickie was watching me make dinner tonight and she commented that Macy (the dog formerly known as Arlene) has gotten really crazy as of late and perhaps we should take her back.  This was a conclusion that my hubby and I completely agreed with.  The more comfortable that Macy is getting with our family the crazier she’s gotten.  I was hanging in there for the sake of the kids but when the kids have had enough…. 

In talking about Macy Chickie said something along lines of how hard it is to train a dog.  I pointed out that training kids isn’t much different.  Telling Macy to get off the couch – yet again – is similar to asking Chickie to pick up her clothes.  It’s a losing battle.  Trying to get Macy’s attention is like trying to get Chickie’s attention when the t.v. is on.  Not gonna happen.  I thought it was a good opportunity to point out some of the frustrations I have with her when she doesn’t listen or obey.  She was able to see the comparison but apparently the application of it was just a bit too much for her.  After dinner I asked her to please go clean up her room and she replied that she’d rather go watch t.v. 

Operation Parent Strike Phase I

Yeah, we’re on strike.  It’s kind of nice right now.  No dishes, no laundry, no whining.  I know the novelty will soon wear off but for right now it’s bliss.  Chickie is happily rotting her brain in front of the television.  Mr. I-have-yet-to-pick-a-name-for-him-but-the-suggestions-are-great son of mine is currently attempting to wash the dishes.  That has been entertaining.  He’d thought he’d recruited Beans to put away the clean silverware but she disappeared right after spreading them all out on the towel he designated for washed dishes.  He can’t quite figure out how the drain plug works because it has holes in it. 

The point of this exersize will be totally lost on Beans.  It’s going to be interesting to see how this works (or backfires) with the other two.  I think I’m going to go lock myself in the bathroom with a hot tub.  All I need now is some chocolate and a good book.


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