I don’t have any one particular thing I want to blog about today but I do have bits and pieces of this and that to update.  Today will be a smorgasboard of writing.  I spent a summer living with my Norwegian grandmother and I remember going to smorgasboards (for all you true blue Americans – that would be a potluck).   As a kid, I thought that was the coolest idea.  I could pick out all the yummy food I wanted and skip all the less-than-desirable dishes.  One last random tidbit about me before we dive in.  I went to a Norwegian summer camp between 6th and 7th grade.  I still remember how to say a dinner prayer in Norwegian – which my children are learning- and I can count to ten and ask how you are.  Oh ya!

Arlene – We have decided to give her at least another week.  My daughter re-named her Macy and it fits her so much better.  She’s learning that we’re here to lavish affection on her and to play with her.  She is the most tolerant dog I have seen.  Today Beans decided it would be fun to pile up all the couch cushions on her while she was sleeping.  Macy didn’t budge.

Church/Job – I turned in my resume yesterday to the church.  They have a committee meeting tonight and they’ll go over it and be in touch.  This church is so much more conservative and traditional than our last church.  But I’m trusting in God.

House – My hubby put in a new countertop in the kitchen.  We had moved the refridgerator to make room for the new dishwasher.  The exsisting countertop was not long enough to cover the dishwasher.  The old one came out and he put the new one in.  It looks so nice and it extended our counter space by about three feet.

Lurkers –  Apparently October 3rd was de-lurker day.  And apparently you all didn’t get the memo.  Maybe you just weren’t sure what to say.  I’ll steal this idea from Nothing But Bonfires.  I’ll give you a topic to comment on.  (see next topic)

Names –  By now I’m sure many of you have noticed that I do not use my children’s real names on this blog.  I decided to protect the innocent (ha ha) and keep their privacy.  At least somewhat.  Anyway.  Where was I?  So I don’t use their real names.  My youngest already has the nickname Beans.  I frequently call my oldest Chickie – which is appropriate given my nickname of Chicken.  I don’t have a nickname for my son.  This is where you and the comment board come in to play.  Leave me a comment and let me know what name I should use for my son.


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