Third time's a charm

Yes!  My plan is working!  I’ve been trying to teach my children that household chores are fun (ala Tom Sawyer style) but they just look at me suspiciously and back away.  This morning I have achieved a level of success.

On her own, Beans got out the mini broom and dustpan and swept up the crumbs under the table.  Of course she panicked a little and claimed that there were ants under the table that were crying.  (what is it with her and bugs?!)  Once I assured her that there were no ants she was happy to continue sweeping.  I fully expected her to lose interest and abandon the broom and dustpan which I would later trip over.  She surprised me by completing the job – including dumping the crumbs into the trash can and putting the broom away. 

The best part came when I thanked her for sweeping and she gave me a hug and a kiss – like she was thanking me for letting her clean up.  Any time sweetheart… in fact, the toilets need a little scrubbing…


One response to “Third time's a charm

  • littletiger

    That’s awesome!!! And a little child shall lead them all – hopefully she will be a good example for her older brother and sister – LOLLL!!!!

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