A day in the life of Beans

I am with my youngest daughter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Occasionally it’s only 23 hours but who’s keeping track?  That’s a lot of time to spend with a three year old.  Most days are pretty ho-hum but every once in awhile we’ll have a completely random day. 

9:00-ish  Beans finally makes an appearance.  She barrels down the hallway, blinking in the bright light, and throws herself into her Daddy’s lap.  She’s content to snuggle with him as she makes squinty eyed faces at me.  Finally she declares she is hungry.  Her first choice is ‘cake-cakes’ but quickly gives in to the offer of Cheerios.

After breakfast she reminds me that I never braided her hair yesterday so she wants me to do it today.  After giving me a handful of hairties she gives me strict instructions as to where each braid needs to be placed.


She looked in the mirror and declared herself “so feeful!” (Beanese for beautiful)  And if she’s going to have feeful hair she needs to have feeful nails apparently.  So we painted her toes and fingers and my toes. 

Primping, check!  Next?  “I wanna go to the beach Mommy.”  Yeah, me too kid.

We spent most of the morning doing a myriad of preschool activities; bubbles, Play-doh, coloring, singing and of course a daily dose of DragonTales.  Then came lunch.  We recently bought a basket of gynormous purple grapes.  I’m always afraid of my kids choking and these grapes are scary.  I cleared my dishes from the sink and turned around to see her shoving her last grape into her mouth.  Hey, if one grape is yummy then FIVE must be phenominal.  Forget chubby bunnys – this kid can cram grapes and still smile like a beauty queen!  Paranoid Mommy made her spit them all out and bite them all in half.

Afternoon:  She’s generally annoying her siblings as they’re trying to do their homework.  Sometimes they’ll catch a break and she’ll be involved with her toys or books.  Today was one of those days.  She was playing with her Little People in the living room while the kids and I were in the kitchen working on spelling.  Out of nowhere came a shriek – unlike those I have ever heard from any of my children.  It wasn’t one of panic, frustration or help.  It was a shriek of absolute terror.  Not just “a little afraid” but complete terror.  It’s the type of shriek I would imagine my kids doing if they were ever to be grabbed by a stranger.  (That’s right kids – throw a fit and scream bloody murder and bite and kick and in general act like one pissed off cat.)  My husband and I flew from opposite ends of the house and found her at the same time.  Anyone care to venture a guess as to what we found?  Go ahead, think about it…  I’ll tell you what I expected to find….  I thought maybe she broke a bone but her scream didn’t sound like it had any pain in it so I moved on to the next thing.  It must be a snake!  Ohmygoshthereisasnakeinmyhouse!  I was wrong.  So wrong.  We found her sitting on the toilet, pants down around her ankles, tears flowing as she frantically pointed… to… a… fly.  A fly people.  It wasn’t even one of those huge horse flies that sound like a bee.  It was just a slightly larger than normal house fly.  She just may need therapy to get over this one.

This evening my son was doing his 20 minutes of reading and decided to teach Beans how to read.  Of course all she did was memorize what he said and repeated it back.  She was so proud to “read” to us and when her brother told her what a great job she did it was more than she could contain.  She turned and gave him the most genuine hug.  She definitely sees him as her hero.  Maybe next time he can protect her from the three foot, blood sucking attack fly.

Now it’s two hours past bedtime and she’s still racing around.  Quite literally racing around.  She has a shoestring and she is trying to entice the cats into chasing her.  I’ve sent her to bed a number of times and I know it’s my fault for not duct taping her into bed enforcing the stay-in-bed rule.  We’ve effectively used the SuperNanny approach of getting her to stay in bed but it does require consistancy.  And when she pops out of bed faster than a jack-in-the-box… it gets tiring.  But hey, I guess that’s why I get paid all this money to be the mom.   


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