It is good

It seems that the Zicam is holding the cold right at the brink.  If this is as bad as it gets – I’m okay with that.  Apparently the Zicam has done nothing for my brain though.  I cracked up laughing at all of your comments!  Zanne – um, I meant to say the car would get good gas mileage if it was running.  But it did make for a good joke!  Matt – chicken noodle soup is muy bueno.  Just don’t tell the chickens.  Jaime – two weeks sounds about right…

I think I knew this in the back of my mind but this morning it hit me with full force.  This move has been good for us.  There is more peace and contentedness  (is that even a word?) in our family.  It feels like we found our groove.  We’re in this place and we are right on where God wants us.  It feels so good.  

I’m not saying it’s perfection.  We’re still living on a tight budget – which can lead to some friction.  We’re still missing our friends and family.  And we’re seriously missing our church family.  But despite all of that there is peace and there is joy.  What I feel is so much bigger than those two small words.  It is wonderful and indescribable.  It is love. 


4 responses to “It is good

  • jaime

    i sense it in you…and i’m so glad.

    still miss you somethin’ fierce, though…

  • zanne


    i’m glad this move has been good for you. we feel the same here. we’ll probably ALWAYS be on a tight budget–norcal is EXPENSIVE, and we too miss our friends & family–ron still hasn’t found a real bunch of guys to hang out with, camp with, etc like the genesis men, and i miss the renegade girls, but it’s good here.

    i’m so glad it’s good there.

  • littletiger

    That’s awesome girl!!! We miss you so much – but I’m glad to hear that the move was good for you! I have to admit after the visit to DL I am a whole lot mored contented too! I’ll try to give you a call this week! Love ya!

  • Matthew

    so glad you are feeling settled and content and “in the groove”… i am still in a place of waiting and trusting God… but it’s good… more later!


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