You teach your children to share…

One of the first things we teach our children, when they are old enough, is to share.  Share your toys, share the crayons, share your cookies.  When did we ever teach them to share their cold?!

My son has been coughing the last couple of days.  It hasn’t been anything serious.  It’s mostly when he wakes up in the morning.  I have avoided his germs as best as I can.  Unfortunately, yesterday I noticed that my throat was a little sore.  A year ago I would’ve run out to the store for a box of Zicam nose swabs.  But I rather like my sense of smell so I stopped using them.  What’s a girl to do?  I went to the store to see what other forms of Zicam are available.  I came home with the rapid melts.  I can only hope they work as well because this morning…..  this morning, I am coughing.

In other news…  We’re bringing my hubby’s red car home today!  We have to tow it (no surprise there) home and then he’s sending off his busted alternator.  I am told that is all that is wrong with it.  We shall see.  I really do hope he gets it running soon.  It’s a cute car and the gas mileage is wonderful!


3 responses to “You teach your children to share…

  • zanne

    umm… maybe it’s the cold getting to you, but…

    could it be that the gas mileage is wonderful because
    YOU TOW THE CAR EVERYWHERE?? just a thought.

    or did you know that, and were just making a joke that i didn’t catch because i
    DON’T have a cold?

  • Matthew

    *cooks chicken soup for Andi to help her feel better*

    oh, wait… should it be Turkey soup? or Vegetable soup?… how do kung-fu chickens feel about soup chickens

    Matty the Stranger

  • jaime

    just another two weeks and the car should be running, right?


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